Latest Updates in Google and Bing Advertising Platforms across the world

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Latest Updates in Google and Bing Advertising Platforms

The world of digital advertising is constantly evolving, in 2024 with tech giants like Google and Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing) regularly rolling out updates to their advertising platforms. Here’s a look at some of the latest changes that marketers need to know.

Google Ads

Google Ads has seen several significant updates recently

  1. Gambling and Games Policy Update: Google Ads updated its gambling and games policy for the United States, allowing state-approved sports betting ads to run from January 41.
  2. AdSense Payment Changes: Google announced fundamental updates to how its AdSense application will compensate website owners for placing ads2.
  3. Cost Per Lead Increases: WordStream’s Google Ads benchmarks report shows that cost per lead has increased significantly for 91% of industries4.
  4. End of Expanded Text Ads: Google has ended the use of Expanded Text Ads, shifting to the default ad type of Responsive Search Ads4.
  5. New Features in Performance Max: Google has added Search Themes to Performance Max and said goodbye to third-party cookies5.

Bing Ads

Microsoft Advertising, formerly known as Bing Ads, has also introduced several new features:

  1. Microsoft Audience Network Expansion: Microsoft Audience Ads, the native advertising solution, is now available to all customers in several countries, including Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Venezuela6.
  2. Similar Audiences and In-market Audience Expansions: Similar Audiences are now available in open beta for several markets, and in-market audiences have expanded into Latin American markets6.
  3. Removal of Customer Match Minimum Spend Requirements: Marketers are no longer required to spend a minimum amount before they’re eligible to use Customer Match targeting6.
  4. Professional Services Ads: As part of vertical ads, Professional Services Ads have been introduced to increase awareness and drive conversions7.
  5. Microsoft Ads and Listings Module on PrestaShop: This module allows easy synchronization of the full e-commerce product catalog directly to the Microsoft Merchant Center7.


These updates reflect the ongoing evolution of digital advertising platforms, offering new opportunities for marketers to reach their target audiences effectively. As we move forward, it’s crucial for businesses to stay updated with these changes to maximise their advertising efforts.

Remember, the key to successful digital advertising is not just about leveraging these new features but also about understanding your audience, setting clear goals, and continuously optimising your campaigns based on performance data. Happy advertising!

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