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Based in Laois & Kildare, but service the whole of Ireland. We work fully remotely so distance is not an issue. 

We are experts in catapulting businesses into the digital age through innovative and user-friendly Web Design. Our passion for quality and unparalleled expertise in the digital landscape fuels our commitment to crafting high-performing websites that enhance your business & digital brand.

Paired with strategic Google Ad Campaigns, we ensure your website, products, and services reach the forefront of your target market. Trust us to deliver web design solutions that not only embody your brand but also deliver on performance and results.

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Web Design​

At BrandStart, we transform your business visions into compelling, user-friendly websites. Our designs embody your unique brand and drive growth, backed by cutting-edge technology and SEO optimization. Our bespoke web design service positions your business for success, making your website a potent tool for engagement and expansion.

Apps & AI

Designing and developing Apps for any industry. Using modern technologies and tech stacks. With the help of new technology such as leveraging cutting edge AI for building internal tools and chatbots. Take processes and your customer journey to the next level.

SEM/PPC Advertising

Our SEM/PPC service turns your advertising into a strategic powerhouse. We masterfully craft campaigns that pinpoint your target audience, maximize your visibility, and convert clicks into tangible results. With our data-driven approach, every ad spend is an investment in growth, driving higher ROI and bolstering your digital footprint.

Website SEO

Our SEO service is all about boosting your online visibility. We refine your website with optimised keywords, quality content, and robust site structure, driving your website to the top of search results. By leveraging our SEO expertise, we turn your website into a high-performing asset that attracts, engages, and converts your target audience.


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Most frequent questions and answers

Pricing depends on the type of website you’re looking for and the features you require. The more complex functionality required within the project such as booking, e-commerce of some custom functionality will increase the cost of the project. Our pricing starts at €1550 for a professional brochure site.

As web designers, we work with you and your brand to create a website that serves and represents your business well. The design stage is the first stage of the project. From the design, layout, and structure to the User Experience we discuss your requirements. We ask you to send us samples of sites you like so we can get a feel for your taste. We look at your competitors and see how we can improve so your business can stand out. We then follow on to the mockup stage, where you are presented with design mockups and you give us feedback on what you like and what you think will work well for your business. Once the design is agreed we then move onto the development stage of the site. When the site is ready to launch, the next stage is to create a digital strategy to support the new site, this can involve creating several digital campaigns to get traffic to your new site.

Imagine walking into a chic, modern office space where every detail has been thoughtfully chosen – the furnishings are elegant, the ambiance is inviting, and you can easily find everything you need. That’s the essence of good web design! It’s like a digital handshake; it’s where your customers get the first impression of your brand. A well-designed website seamlessly blends aesthetics with functionality. The color scheme, typography, and images speak to your brand’s personality, while the intuitive navigation and organized layout make sure visitors don’t get lost. It’s about creating an environment where customers feel valued and are encouraged to engage. A good web design is where charm meets professionalism, and your brand’s voice is loud and clear.

A web designer’s main focus is the visuals of the site and the overall user experience, design and theory come into play here. Many web designers have at least basic development skills and usually can build full sites with the help of content management systems. A web developer primarily works on developing more complex websites. They work with code more and work on developing features of a website. This work can get extremely complex. Between the two types of work, there is plenty of overlaps between the two. 

Working with a professional web designer and developer is the opposite to a DIY build a site. You are leveraging on their experience in the industry to deliver a website that will by and large work better than 99 percent of DIY sites. Much more effort and strategy is put into the creation of the site.

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